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Two the best to ever the compete.

Bodybuilding is filled with impressive athletes looking to leave their mark on the sport. Though many may try their best to take the top spot, the coveted Mr. Olympia title, few ever get to reach so far and prove their worth as the number one bodybuilder in the world. It’s no easy task to build the kind of physiques that even an amateur bodybuilder has, which shows you just how difficult it is to be considered the best in the world. The hard truth is that many athletes who undertake this sport will never achieve their dream of being the greatest.

Despite that, leaving your mark on the spot is equally as gratifying as simply winning a championship. There are those who have won major titles in bodybuilding but have just as quickly faded from memory. Big wins aside, they never managed to influence the masses and that can be just as detrimental to their legacy as never winning anything at all. To enter the sport and be able to influence the fans and observers is a skill that few athletes have regardless of the sport in question.


Then there are those who manage to pull off both; athletes that not only were able to achieve greatness and win championships, but also leave an eternal mark on the sport. Dexter Jackson and Dennis James are two such athletes. Jackson has reached the pinnacle of the sport being a former Mr. Olympia and James has become a trainer and color commentator for the Olympia events after retiring from the sport. Both men have a wealth of knowledge that any aspiring bodybuilder would find helpful for their own fitness endeavors.

Recently the two bodybuilding legends sat down with fellow bodybuilder and YouTube fitness personality Mike Rashid for an exclusive interview. Check out all the tidbits in the video below.

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