Michael Lockett has had it with the haters.

There are always going to be critics, no matter what endeavor you choose. In bodybuilding however, it feels as if there is a never ending stream of critics ready to completely rip your physique apart. Sometimes it can be hard to bring the best physique to the stage. Nevertheless, every man and woman who competes at a show will be criticized whether they are the best of the best or the bottom of the barrel. Michael Lockett is once again facing that criticism after pulling off an Olympia qualifying victory.

After his big win at the Chicago Pro, Michael Lockett has been criticized for his unfortunate case of gynecomastia. While he had surgery to take care of the issue, Lockett has still been criticized for his on stage appearance. But the long time bodybuilder isn’t taking the criticism lying down and has decided to address those who have judged him harshly.

Last year, I suffered horribly from gynecomastia at the last year Olympia, and a significant amount of people heavily criticized me online for that. It didn’t stop me from competing because I’m an adult and I made an adult decision. I’m very familiar with critics. I recently had a procedure to remove it and it was a success. However, people are still asking me do I have gyno? No! It’s scar tissue and it takes time for it to go away. At times, it may seem as if I have gyno but I don’t. On another note, I’ve participated in many sports in my life such as, football, boxing, wrestling, track & field, and I’ve won and lost, but nevertheless, I competed. Some people may not know this but I suffer with arthritis in both my knees, particularly my right knee. My right leg is smaller than my left leg. I’m bone on bone. I have to wear a knee brace every day to help with the pain. My legs will never big as big as they can because of the arthritis I have. Also, I have a slip disc. I can’t do deadlifting or rack pulls, stiff deadlift or hyper back extension….and I still managed to get it done and I make NO EXCUSES!! I don’t make no excuses for my wins or my loses. Never have. Never will. I don’t owe any one anything. After I lose a competition I asked myself….how can I get better rather than justifying my placing to social meida. I truly appreciate every who suppprts me but always remember, I don’t owe you anything!

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