Michal Krizo Earns IFBB Pro Card At The 2022 Amateur Olympia In Italy

Michal Krizo IFBB Pro Card Olympia Amateur
Images via Instagram @moriauphoto

Michal Krizo wins overall at the 2022 Amateur Olympia, earning his IFBB Pro card and setting himself up for a possible quick turnaround Olympia qualification.

After a much hyped wait, Michal Krizo has earned his IFBB Pro card by winning the overall at the 2022 Amateur Olympia in Rome, Italy. The win, which was expected by many who have been following his progress, sets Krizo up to possibly earn a qualification and compete at this year’s Mr. Olympia.

Michal Krizo has been a much hyped athlete after his announcement earlier this year that he would leave the IFBB Elite Pro league and compete in the NPC league. His goal was to earn his IFBB Pro card as quickly as possible – so that he could start preparing to qualify for the Mr. Olympia. Krizo wasted no time, instead of waiting to qualify and prepare for the Olympia in 2023, he is attempting to fast track and qualify for this year’s big show. Earning his IFBB Pro card is the first successful step in this mission.

Of course, Michal Krizo is not your typical NPC athlete. Having competed in the pro league of the IFBB Elite Pro, he essentially has already put in the time and effort of a typical IFBB Pro athlete. His NPC competition at the Amateur Olympia in Italy was mostly formality – however an essential one.

If Krizo keeps to his word, he will now attempt to compete in the upcoming EVLS Prague Pro show. If he wins there, he will officially qualify for this year’s Mr. Olympia – and find himself standing beside the best in the league. Many look forward to Krizo possibly posing side by side with the likes of Big Ramy, Nick Walker, Andrew Jacked, and other hyped elite athletes.

Adding to the hype was a huge endorsement from 4x Mr. Olympia Jay Cutler. The former Olympia champion witnessed Krizo’s posing routine and physique in-person. Cutler was impressed and has spoken openly on numerous occasions – considering Krizo a unique one of a kind talent who will do real damage in the pro league for years to come.

Our First Look At Michal Krizo On The NPC/IFBB Pro League Stage

Being essentially a veteran pro bodybuilder, Michal Krizo was able to muscle his way to first place and an overall win at the Amateur Olympia in Italy. While his massive size matched expectations, many fans pointed out this was hardly his best package. His conditioning, in particular, will need to improve in order to do real damage on the Mr. Olympia stage.

However, it should be noted that Michal Krizo is essentially preparing for the Mr. Olympia first and foremost. Knowing he could most likely easily win the NPC competition, it can be assumed his physique was not fully prepped for this show – and is instead eyeing his timing for the EVLS Prague or possibly even just for the Mr. Olympia itself.

This is somewhat a risky maneuver, particularly if he doesn’t hone in for the Prague show. Now that he is up in the pro leagues, he can’t slide through an “easy” win. He’ll have to up his game and still try and be fully prepped for the Mr. Olympia later this year, should he quality.

It’s rare for a pro bodybuilder to compete so close to the Mr. Olympia and still place in the top five. While not impossible, it opens a bodybuilder up to increased risks. If the timing is slightly off, if a previous competition depletes the athlete just before the big show, it could throw off a full year of hard work.

However, it’s clear that Michal Krizo is looking at 2022 as his fast track into getting recognition in the IFBB Pro league. This will set himself up with even more hype and a full year to prepare more properly for the 2023 Mr. Olympia next year. If he can even place high enough this year, a lofty ambition, he might not even need to qualify at all for 2023. Only time will tell. But now that we have seen his first on-stage performance, the reality of “Michal Krizo: The IFBB Pro Bodybuilder” is starting to take shape.

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