Mike O’Hearn: People Want To See Logan Paul Get His Ass Kicked… And He Knows It

Mike O’Hearn Answers: Is Logan Paul vs Floyd Mayweather bad for the sport of boxing?

With the Logan Paul vs Floyd Mayweather boxing match right around the corner, the controversial influencer has been making headlines again after an eventful press conference for the bout. Logan Paul as a public figure has been a hotly debated topic for years now. Is his success bad for the future of entertainment? And now more specifically, is his latest fight against Mayweather bad for the future of boxing? In our latest GI Exclusive interview, Mike O’Hearn weighs in on whether or not Logan Paul is a good or bad change for boxing.

The Logan Paul vs Floyd Mayweather boxing match is not the first of it’s kind. Not only has Paul been doing super exhibition PPV matches in the past, but there was also the UFC/boxing crossover of Conor McGregor vs Floyd Mayweather. These “super fights” fall outside the traditional norms of professional boxing. However, they also bring in massive amounts of interest and money. They are arguably more financially successful than real title matches in the sport.

Of course, popularity does not always equal quality. This is the main controversy behind Logan Paul’s entire career. Whether it’s boxing, YouTube, or any other place he appears – Logan Paul brings in massive views and massive money. But does it come at a cost? Does it diminish the credibility and quality of entertainment and sports?

We asked this question during our latest interview with Mike O’Hearn. Mike O’Hearn is a bodybuilder and public figure who’s familiar with controversy. He’s a bodybuilder who has consistently claimed to be all-natural. But the general bodybuilding public don’t believe he’s telling the truth due to his incredible physique. Not only that but O’Hearn is also a man who is familiar with building his own brand and personality beyond just being a bodybuilder.

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So what does he think of Logan Paul? His personality, love him or hate him, brings in attention. That attention creates massively attended events. That brings in money – which in turn can help bolster whatever industry Paul is engaging with. His latest, a boxing match against Floyd Mayweather – is set to potentially break records in terms of sales.

Mike O’Hearn sees no problem in Logan Paul’s tactics. While O’Hearn personally does not find Paul entertaining, he also sees the numbers. Most people enjoy watching Paul, either to “hate watch” him or because they are legitimate fans. Either way, Logan Paul is aware of this fact. He’s taking advantage of it. O’Hearn sees no problem in that.

Ultimately the success of Logan Paul relies 100% on his fans continuing to take an interest. He’s not forcing fans to enjoy his boxing crossover events. In that sense, it’s less Logan Paul that is the problem and more the audience. They decide what interests them. Right now, Logan Paul is the thing they want.

Mike O’Hearn goes on to mention that anything you can do to trigger society will always get attention. If you can monetize that attention, then you’re finding success in a tactic that always works.

Mike O’Hearn even relates Logan Paul, his success, and his controversy to modern bodybuilding.

“I said this to some old time bodybuilders that don’t have a big following on social media,” Mike O’Hearn states in our interview. He goes on:

“They’re like, ‘I won the titles, I won all of this, and I don’t get the respect I deserve.’ And it’s like – it’s the world that changes. You have to keep adapting. You have to keep moving with it. It’s the personality. Bruce Lee and Arnold [Schwarzenegger] made it because of their personality. If they were boring cardboard they wouldn’t have made it.”

You can see Mike O’Hearn break down his thoughts on Logan Paul and viral personalities in sports above. Check it out in our latest GI Exclusive interview segment!

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