How Milos Sarcev completely overhauled Regan Grimes’ prep to transform him into a real threat to the Mr. Olympia throne.

Over the past month or so, Regan Grimes has been making headlines for his impressive physique updates. These came shortly after it was announced he would be working with Milos Sarcev as his coach. The plan? To upgrade Grimes’ physique into the next Mr. Olympia champion. The early results certainly look promising. In our latest GI Exclusive, Milos Sarcev explains his plan step-by-step on how he’s radically transforming Regan Grimes into a more powerful Mr. Olympia contender.

Milos Sarcev is a legendary bodybuilder in his own right and in his later years has become known as a legendary trainer and coach. It was announced in 2021 that he would be taking on Regan Grimes as one of his athletes. This caused quite some buzz as Grimes is already considered a promising athlete in the sport. The buzz only intensified after physique update videos and images started popping up at the end of the year. Regan Grimes appeared to improve his mass drastically.

We had an opportunity to reconnect with Milos Sarcev via video chat recently – and we dove in deep about his decision to start training Regan Grimes. As previously mentioned, Grimes has had much hype behind him over the past few years. He was also earlier featured in our feature film Generation Iron 3. Yet despite this hype, he found himself placing 15th at the Mr. Olympia in 2021 and 2020. What happened? And what needs to change?

A major shake up in coaches seems to signal Regan Grimes is ready to overhaul his tactics. And Milos Sarcev seems to agree that a lot needs to change. Not because Grimes is disappointing in his current state. On the contrary, he shows so much promise – it simply needs new direction towards success.

“Many coaches, many bodybuilders, accept mediocrity or just doing what is expected of what they [judges] think,” Milos Sarcev states in our interview regarding bodybuilding prep and coaches. He continues, “They never really give a thought how to maximize every aspect. Every aspect.

Milos Sarcev then reveals that upon starting to coach Regan Grimes, he asked what his posing routine plan was. Grimes admitted he had no prepared posing routine. He just did the mandatories. This both shocked and did not shock Milos. He believes that majority of Men’s Open bodybuilders simply do the mandatories. Which means Grimes certainly needs to take advantage of that and wow the judges with a pre-planned posing routine.

This is the kind of “maximize everything” mentality that Milos Sarcev plans to bring to Regan Grimes’ bodybuilding career. Sarcev gets even more granular – asking Grimes to explain how much he knows how to properly hit an ab pose and how to showcase legs properly. Not just the general mandatories – but the technical skill down to the very last detail.

Milos Sarcev provides another example of how he’s overhauling Regan Grimes’ bodybuilding prep. Sarcev deeply questioned Grimes about his diet and explains that most bodybuilders follow the same basic philosophy behind dieting. But bodybuilders can get tested to know much more specific detail about their body and their metabolic rate. It’s that kind of maximized detail that Sarcev will ensure Grimes focuses on under his training.

It’s often said that a successful bodybuilder runs their body like a high end powerful car or machine. Milos Sarcev seems to take this nearly literally. Every aspect of Regan Grimes’ training, dieting, and posing are being examined under a microscope. No stone is being left unturned. And Sarcev believes this tactic will turn Regan Grimes into a true Mr. Olympia champion within the upcoming years.

You can watch Milos Sarcev go into in-depth detail about his plans for Regan Grimes in our latest GI Exclusive interview segment above!

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