Milos Sarcev advises against diuretics use in bodybuilding.

In the final stages leading up to a bodybuilding competition, a bodybuilder wants to become as “dry” as possible in order to showcase thin skin and a grainy conditioned physique. The less water weight the better. It allows the athlete to fully showcase their sculpted muscle without a layer of water softening the physique. Some competitors resort to diuretics to quickly drop water weight just in time for the show. But is this kind of use dangerous? In our latest GI Exclusive, Milos Sarcev explains why he advises against bodybuilders using diuretics due to the extreme dangers it can pose.

Milos Sarcev has been very open about his support of steroids and insulin use in bodybuilding. This is despite doctors and critics believing these drugs can be extremely unhealthy in the long run for athletes. But when it comes to diuretics, Milos starts to sing a different tune. He finds theme extremely dangerous and too difficult to manage effectively. The end result are drugs that can lead to extremely dangerous health issues or even death.

Sarcev has consistently said that most drugs are not unhealthy if you know how to properly use them. He has stood strong that even the most common of drugs, like over the counter pain medication, can be dangerous if taken irresponsibly. So it comes as somewhat of a shock that he quickly negates the use of diuretics. The main reason? They’re just too dangerous to control.

Milos Sarcev does admit that he sometimes suggests light dosages of mild diuretics to bodybuilders – but on the whole he does not advise to using them. Certainly he doesn’t agree with relying on them as a main part of an athlete’s final prep. Once bodybuilders start to use stronger versions of diuretics, Milos explains, it can lead to serious side effects.

Sarcev then goes on to share a few examples of bodybuilders he has known or seen suffer from the consequences of using diuretics before a show. He’s seen competitors lock up and suddenly fall to the ground on stage. Ultimately, the worst case scenario is that diuretics can cause a person’s heart to stop. It’s not a drug to be taken lightly.

Milos Sarcev mentions that he has known bodybuilders who were able to drop 20 pounds over night due to diuretics. This kind of extreme weight loss is obviously dangerous. When taken to extremes it can become deadly.

For those who believe Milos Sarcev to be a bodybuilding guru who simply peddles dangerous drugs, they might be interested to see that Sarcev does have a line he’s not willing to cross. Perhaps this gives more credence to his methods. Perhaps he does know how to properly guide athletes through insulin use safely.

At the end of the day, Sarcev isn’t a doctor and all of his statements are simply his personal opinion based off his experiences. He may be well informed, but the ultimate decision lies on the individual. The risks are yours to take. But as always, Generation Iron advises everyone to be smart, do their research, and be safe. As George Farah said in our past GI Exclusive interview – there is life after bodybuilding.

Check out Milos Sarcev’s full statement on diuretics in our latest GI Exclusive interview segment above!

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