INTERVIEW: Inside Mohamed El Emam’s Contest Prep Plan To Dominate At The Arnold Classic 2021

Mohamed El Emam breaks down his training and diet plan to compete in the Arnold Classic 2021 more on point than ever before.

Mohamed El Emam is a pro bodybuilder who has building a lot of hype in 2021. This is in part due to the large swath of US bodybuilding events he competed in this year. He took part in the California Pro, Indy Pro, and New York Pro – and placed in the top five for each one. Now he’s set to face off against the best in the world at the Arnold Classic 2021 this weekend. In our latest GI Exclusive, Mohamed El Emam details how he’s changed his contest prep to bring his best ever package to the Arnold Classic 2021 stage.

Mohamed El Emam participated in a sort of bodybuilding marathon during the 2021 season. He battled in multiple bodybuilding events nearly back to back. His goal was to earn himself Olympia qualification. But even more important than that – he wanted to get as much experience competing in the states before the Arnold Classic 2021.

El Emam is an Egyptian bodybuilder who resides in Russia. He’s been improving his physique and rising in popularity throughout the past few years. In 2021, he decided to go into overdrive and really leave an impression. It worked. We connected with Mohamed El Emam over a video call to discuss his 2021 season and his contest prep lading up to this weekend’s Arnold Classic.

During our conversation, Mohamed El Emam details his methodology behind competing in so many shows. He wanted to come to the states and get as much experience as possible. He’s taken what he’s learned from the California Pro, Indy Pro, and New York Pro to tweak his contest prep and bring an upgraded physique to the Arnold Classic.

By competing in the New York Pro, for example, he’s already pitted himself against Nick Walker – one of the most anticipated athletes set to compete at the Arnold Classic. Having stood on stage next to Walker, El Emam can now know what he’s going into this weekend. This is just one example of how he’s been mentally and physically preparing.


Mohamed El Emam has also changed up his coach. He’s now working with Milos Sarcev in order to push his training and diet tactics out of his comfort zone and up to new levels. During our conversation – El Emam goes into detail about specific muscle groups that he he has been targeting as well as an overall focus on improved conditioning. He’s saying all of the right things and has been doing everything within his power to improve from what we’ve seen earlier in the bodybuilding season.

Of course, by competing in so many shows earlier in the year – El Emam runs the risk of burning out and missing his physique timing on the Arnold Classic stage. That’s a risk he seems willing to take. El Emam has taken the safe path before. It’s led to slow but consistent progress. Now he wants to boost into champion status. That takes extra risk for the bigger reward. We can’t wait to see what he has in store this weekend.

You can watch Mohamed El Emam break down his full Arnold Classic 2021 prep in our latest GI Exclusive interview segment above!

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