Generation Iron Nixlot Dameus Teen BodybuilderA few motivational words from a truly inspirational teen bodybuilder.

Not too long ago we posted an influential story about a teen bodybuilder, Nixlot Dameus, and how he used bodybuilding as a way to prevent bullying in his life. His story and his unique voice inspired us so much – that we decided to reach out to him personally so that he could continue to spread his positive message out to the masses.

So here’s a personal message from Nixlot – his story through his own words:

I Am Nixlot Dameus.

My name is Nixlot Dameus. I am a 16 years old teen bodybuilder and Power lifter from Port Au Prince, Haiti. You might say it is not normal for a 16 year old to be a bodybuilder and a Power Lifter. And you know what? Part of me might agree. But deep down I know this is right for me.

I live my life by three words “KEEP IT STRONG.”

Growing up to becoming a teenager I was bullied, it was tough to deal with due to the fact that I had no friends; I had no one to talk to about what was going on; and I didn’t want to speak to my mother about it because I knew she would stress about it at work and it would affect her health. My father is blind due to diabetes so I was all alone.

I would get attacked after basketball practice, before school, after school, during school, taking out the trash, going to get groceries, by guys who were 6-8 years older than me. I got to the point where I started to cut myself and had serious thoughts of suicide. I even attempted it once but thankfully changed my mind.

But one day I was attacked while walking through a shopping plaza in Olney. I was able to get away at first but eight of them caught up and jumped me. After that moment, I said “THAT’S IT! This is the last time.” I remembered my uncle used to workout a lot and was huge. I thought maybe if I do the same – I would definitely get these guys to back off. I started to do my push ups at the age of 11 and after awhile I started to get a bit of size on and at 12 years old I started to get huge.

I dedicated myself to weightlifting and never looked back. At 13 years old I competed in my first bodybuilding competition and won 1st place pre-teen and 2nd place Jr-teen. At 14 years old I was robbed at gun point in the school yard and no one did anything about it. Did I give up? No, I kept lifting.

At 15 years old I got bigger and started to compete in power lifting. During my first meet I was disqualified. Still this didn’t stop me. I became even more motivated for the next one. At my next meet I broke the P.S.C.P.A state bench press to 275 lbs and dead lift to 450 lbs.

By 16 years old, I already had won 5 more bodybuilding titles and broke 2 national power lifting records. In power lifting I won most outstanding lifter and also Power Lifting MVP.

I am still 16 years old now and I bench press 405 lbs, dead lift 525 lbs, and Squat 450 lbs. I am proof that things can change. That you can gain control of your life. That things can get better. So when I say “KEEPING IT STRONG” it means both mentally and physically – because otherwise I would not be alive on this day and training for the 2014 Teen Universe competition.

Don’t give up. Find something deep in yourself and say, “KEEP IT STRONG!”

Nixlot Dameus is a competitive teen bodybuilder and powerlifter. You can find out more about Nixlot, such as his training progress and diet, on his website at

You can also follow him on instagram @caribbean_muscles and his fan page on Facebook.

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