Stop lying on the label.

MUSCLE RANTS – is a new weekly series starring Tiger Fitness’ Marc Lobliner as he schools you on the tons of bullsh*t that constantly gets highlighted in the bodybuilding industry. Muscle Rants airs every Monday only on the Generation Iron Fitness Network.

It’s no secret that the US government has been cracking down on supplement companies lately. The line between what is an illegal performance enhancing drug and what is not keeps getting more and more blurred… and the government is trying figure it all out as new studies become available. So the big question is – do we need more strict laws put on supplement companies? And more importantly, can you trust the supplements you are putting into your body?

Well, it turns out there is a lot of misinformation flying around there. So let MUSCLE RANTS show you whats what so we can put all this worrying and complaining to bed. Check out the latest episode above.

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