Nathan De Asha and Juan Morel will face off for Olympia 2020 qualification this weekend.

The Olympia 2019 may be over and done with but some pro bodybuilders are not wasting any time locking in their qualification for next year’s big Mr. Olympia competition. While the traditional European tour seems to be slimmed out compared to past years -there are a few top contenders hitting up international pro shows in order to get a jump on Olympia 2020 qualification status.

Two such bodybuilders are Nathan De Asha and Juan Morel – who will both be competing at South Korea’s Monsterzym Pro this weekend. Content Partner Fazi Fitness has put together his latest video compilation batch of training updates that puts a highlight on Nathan De Asha’s and Juan Morel’s latest training this week before the big show. Who do you think will win out and qualify for the Olympia 2020 at this weekend’s event?

You can also check out both Nathan De Asha and Juan Morel in our original digital series East Coast Mecca to get some insight into their training methods. All three seasons are available to watch right here.

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