Nathan De Asha’s Big IFBB Ferrigno Legacy Win: Could He Be The Next Big Ramy?

Nathan De Asha could be the future of the open weight division.

When professional bodybuilders think about the biggest competitions of the year they usually think about the Arnold Classic or the Olympia. These shows are considered to be the most important shows of the year and to win either is a major accomplishment for a pro. But it looks like respected bodybuilding veteran Lou Ferrigno is trying to throw his hat into the fray with his own competition hosted in California, the IFBB Ferrigno Legacy Pro. Though it’s still a newer competition it can’t be denied that the event is getting a bit of steam. The competition is just another outlet used to showcase up and coming talent in the bodybuilding world and the shows winner is a man who has a ton of upside. Nathan De Asha.

Though he may still be considered the new kid on the block, Nathan De Asha is a man who has come onto the scene and has been sending shockwaves through the industry. Much like how Mamdouh “Big Ramy” Elssbiay looked fearsome when he first broke onto the professional stage, De Asha is beginning to turn heads and gain some steam. Winning the Ferrigno Legacy this weekend was just another feather in his cap and once again demonstrated just how much potential Nathan De Asha possesses.

As he continues to further his own legacy in the sport, Nathan De Asha seems to be improving with every passing step he takes in the bodybuilding arena. He has tremendous musculature and a well balanced team physique that proves just how impressive his form is. If he continues to pick up victories, Nathan De Asha will one day become a major threat potentially reaching the top five. For now we can only speculate as to his future. But take a look at Nathan De Asha’s competition winning physique to get an idea of his potential.


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