Neil Hill and Willam Bonac have had a major falling out.

At times the meeting of coach and athlete can make for a match made in heaven. The combination of experience and intelligence on the coaches side marries nicely with the fortitude and work ethic of a talented athlete. Sparks fly and amazing results come with the union.

But sometimes things fall apart.

Top bodybuilder and one of the most talented athletes in the IFBB William Bonac once had the ideal partnership with coach Neil Hill. But in recent days it appears that William Bonac is no longer interested in working with Neil Hill.

William Bonac went on record and accused Neil Hill of numerous allegations which led to him parting ways with his long time coach. Now William Bonac looks to go it alone as he prepares for the 2019 Olympia.

But Neil Hill isn’t taking things lying down. The bodybuilding coach recently filmed his response to William Bonac and gives his side of the story.

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