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Life is all about the journey or at least that’s what they say. It’s about the experience you acquire, the goals you set for yourself and accomplish, the failures and mishaps. If you’re a dedicated bodybuilder then you understand that success and failure are all par for the course. If you’re willing to play the game you have to be willing to lose. It’s a tough truth that everyone has to accept. But even if you’ve experienced painful reverses and have been challenged far beyond your limits, all of it is key to shaping your success, to shaping your life.

Just ask Cody Montgomery. One of the youngest athletes to obtain an IFBB pro card, the young Texan has had his share of successes and failures throughout his young life. Those experiences have shaped him into the man he is today and has given him the experience, the drive and determination to constantly seek out success. It’s what people admire about him. It’s what makes him one of the top prospects in the world today and could eventually make him a bodybuilding champion on the level of Phil Heath, Kai Greene, and many of the other greats of today.

Cody has that special gift; genetics that make him physically capable of building a massive physique and the kind of single minded desire that Heath and Greene both have themselves. It’s the reason why he’ll go far in the sport, but it’s not the only reason. In a Reddit Ask Me Anything, Cody was unafraid to reveal what makes him who he is including all his triumphs as well as the personal demons he faced to reach his goal of becoming a pro. Check out the AMA here and get a glimpse inside the mind of bodybuilding’s potential next big star.

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