Shawn Ray follows up his original analysis with a prediction update.

Shawn Ray follows up his original analysis video of the New York Pro 2018 to give us deeper insight as to what we should expect on stage this weekend. More importantly, Shawn emphasizes the historical significance of the New York Pro – and how the winner of that show traditionally goes on to make major waves in the IFBB.

There are only a few IFBB pro shows across the year that bring in a variety of the Arnold Classic and Olympia top 6 competitors into one place. The New York Pro is a rare event that not only brings in a handful of the biggest pro bodybuilding superstars, but it also has a knack for revealing the true potential of up and comers in the industry.

While the Mr. Olympia is still over half a year a way – if you look back at the history books, the New York Pro is often a good early predictor of who you will see in the top 5. And if not this year, then definitely sometime down the road.

The New York Pro is ground zero for some of the earliest sightings of the future bests. Shawn Ray gives a highlight to some of the names you should be watching out for and what exactly to expect when the event unfolds.

Will Regan Grimes launch into stardom after his appearance this weekend? Or will Nathan De Asha steal the show and reach the next tier of success? With only days away – we’ll find out soon enough. But for now make sure to watch Shawn Ray’s update so you can keep ahead of the curve for the rest of 2018 in bodybuilding.


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