Nick Walker Shares Massive Workout For Arm Day

Nick Walker has been posting different workouts and this one attacks arms.

Nick Walker is one of the biggest competitors in bodybuilding today. When a mass monster like this shares a workout, you listen. Recently, Walker took to his YouTube page to post a massive arm workout in the gym.

Walker and his coach Matt Jansen have built a championship physique that saw extreme success during his rookie year. Walker took home victories during the 2021 Arnold Classic and 2021 New York Pro to gain qualification to the 2021 OlympiaAt the biggest show of the year, Walker finished fifth, which is impressive for his first appearance. Walker quickly addressed his finish and said that he will be working on improvements in the offseason.

Despite a high finish in his first Olympia, Walker was not satisfied. He is now working hard in the gym to take his performance to the next level. His most recent rendition came in the form of an arm workout for viewers to try.

Nick Walker goes through each exercise and performs three sets of each. This takes up about 10-15 minutes per exercise. While overtraining might be a method that some use, Walker admitted that he does not overtrain arms. Instead, he emphasizes form to avoid injury and enhancing muscle growth. Below, you can find the list of exercises that Walker performs during this arm workout.


Nick Walker Arm Workout

  • Triceps Rope Pushdowns
  • Cable Bicep Curls 
  • Skull Crusher Lying Triceps Extensions
  • EZ Bar Curls 
  • EZ Bar Triceps Pushdowns 
  • Preacher Curl

Nick Walker gained a passion for bodybuilding at an early age and that is visible during his daily routines. Walker also let fans in to see one full day of eating during the offseason. His dedication to the gym and his diet plan is something that has lifted Walker to the level he is.

“Post arm day posing!!!! Been a long time since I did an arm day man that pump was nutty!!!!!!!! YouTube video coming soon.”

This video was just one of many workouts that Nick Walker has shared recently. He has already started training for the 2022 Olympia, which will be held in Las Vegas in December. Walker earned qualification by finishing in the top-five during this year’s event. Coming off an incredible rookie year, Walker is expecting to remain near the top of the sport. This can be done by putting himself through workouts such as this one.

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