Nick Walker Explains Major Gym Aggravation: “Someone Texting Their Phone On A Piece Of Equipment”

Nick Walker continues to work his way back to bodybuilding and recently hit a high-rep back workout.
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Nick Walker talked about gym goers who use their phone for an extended period of time.

It is no surprise that bodybuilder spend much of their time in the gym working to put together the perfect package for competition. Nick Walker is no different and there are certain aspects of it that can get under a person’s skin. Recently, Walker talked what his biggest pet peeve was when working out in a public gym.

Walker is a promising professional bodybuilder with a fantastic track record. After turning pro in 2020, he went on to win the Arnold Classic in 2021and came second at Mr. Olympia in 2022. However, despite his best efforts and preparation, Walker had to pull out of the competition in 2023 due to a hamstring injury. Nevertheless, “The Mutant” is already back in the gym training his hamstrings.

Entering the 2024 season, Walker will be one of the major names to watch around bodybuilding. During a recent episode of The Mutant & The MouthWalker talked gym bothers.

“I think my biggest one is someone texting their phone on a piece of equipment that I want to use. It’s not so much that it bothers me but it’s when I go up to them.”

Walker continued to discuss the process of going up to someone who is texting on a machine.

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Nick Walker: “I’m Like Do You Want To Do A Set?”

Nick Walker talked about he handles approaching someone on a machine that is not currently using it but spending time on their phone.

“I’m like ‘excuse me. How many more sets do you have?’ They’ll be like ‘oh. I got one or two.’ Okay, and then they just go back to doing this. I’m like do you want to do a f*cking set? I’m waiting.”

“I go up politely and go how many more sets do you have? Whatever they say, I’m like ‘okay, cool.’ If I see them go right back and just, I’m like ‘yo, do your set.’ Then I get the attitude.”

There are a few reasons why gym goers would need to use their phone when working out and of course, music is the biggest one on the list.

“If you use your phone, nine times out of 10, you use your phone for music…If you just change the song and back in the pocket, you know what I mean. So, I think that’s smart in my opinion.”

The gym is a public place and this means that you will have to encounter many people. Sometimes, there are times where actions can get under your skin and overusing your phone on a machine is one of them.

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