Nick Walker Olympia Prep Continues With Huge Back Workout

Nick Walker

Nick Walker shared a massive back workout recently as he prepares for the 2022 Olympia.

Nick Walker has had his sights set on the 2022 Olympia competition. The Mutant has continued his training and recently shared a massive back workout on social media for viewers to try.

Walker finished fifth at the 2021 Olympia after winning the Arnold Classic just two weeks prior. Following his finish, Walker decided to focus all of his energy and training power on the 2022 event. At this point in the offseason, Walker is beginning to focus on how his body feels and he explained the method in his latest YouTube video.

Nick Walker his a huge back workout during his latest trip to the gym. It began with three sets of one-arm cable pulldowns. Walker lowered the weight after the first set to make sure that there was the proper stretch at the bottom of the lift. He continued with smith machine barbell rows. This is an exercise that Walker prefers over free weights.

“I do like these over a free-weight barbell. I can track harder. I can feel my lats engage better. And again, that’s the point of bodybuilding. It’s not about weight. That comes with time. It’s about contracting the muscle and this is where you can do it the most.”

Nick Walker continued by putting his back through some different rows. It began on a row machine completing single-arm sets before going over to a different machine and super setting different grips. Before the workout ended, Walker made sure to hit some calves with machine raises.

During this workout, Walker focused on lower volume and bigger weight. He explained how his body felt a bit sore so he decided to take on a different approach during this workout.

“The body was feeling a little beat up so I wanted to do a little lower volume but I went heavier on the weight. It sounds contradictory but I don’t feel as beat up. I was able to go a little heavier, contract the muscle still, and do lower volume. I got what I needed to get out of it.”

“I don’t think you should always need to feel destroyed after a workout. It does not mean that you did not train hard.”

At this point in the offseason, Nick Walker is incorporating more off days to ensure his body is recovered properly. This included two days on, one day off training. Walker admitted he will take two days off at times if he needs some more rest. This is the point in the offseason where Walker feels it is important to keep his body as conditioned as possible.

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