In case you missed it, check out Nikki Cross’ incredible win in the ring on Wednesday.

Scottish WWE superstar Nikki Kross won the right to challenge Bayley for the SmackDown Women’s Championship last week after defeating Carmella, Mandy Rose, Lacey Evans, Sonya, and Dana Brooke in an impressive display. The event, known as a six-pack challenge, saw six of the most popular women signed to SmackDown go head to head for the chance to duel Bayley for the title belt.

Check out the above video from the WWE’s official channel to see the epic fight for yourself. This was a significant victory for Nikki Kross, who joins Lacey Evans and Dana Brooke as two of the newest additions to the WWE SmackDown roster. Nikki’s victory was foreshadowed by her being the first to enter the arena and verbally challenge Bayley, but she was quickly joined in the ring by the other six women for an intense fight that lasted several minutes and went on both inside and outside of the ring. The match came to a brutal end when the final showdown — between Mandy Rose and Nikki Kross — saw Nikki defeat Mandy with a spinning neckbreaker, a variation on the popular move the swinging neckbreaker.

Nikki Kross joined the WWE in 2016 and debuted live in Tampa, Florida at the NXT Tampa Show. She rose to fame wrestling the villainous Australian tag team the Ilconics and was formerly known for her own wrestling stable, Sanity.



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