No Coach, No Problem: French Bodybuilding Duo Wins National Titles

This French bodybuilding duo have picked up some impressive wins.

As of this weekend, the small French commune of Buchelay has two bodybuilding national champions. Friends and training partners Mohamed Bellahcene and Brahim Bichbiche won national titles in their respective weight categories near Mantes-la-Jolie.

Mohamed is a veteran competitor in the region. He works days as a police officer and competes in the 94 kilogram weight class. According to Le Parisien, he boasts a bench press of 200 kilos.

Brahim competes in the 84 kilogram class. He works days as a school catering manager in Mantes-la-Ville, and recently has won several local shows. He said that his bodybuilding road has been a long one.

“I practice since 1989 without stopping, he says. I started after seeing colossi train in a room. I wanted to become like them.”

Both men are 42 years old and met in Buchelay, where they decided to begin training together. Bellahcene in particular brought a lot of nutritional knowledge to the table.

“We practice an average of two hours a day, every day, in pairs.”

Both men are planning to head to the Philippines next June to compete for world titles in their categories.

“We just lack financial support, we are looking for sponsors to finance the trip and the few nights there,” they glide, hoping for a boost.”

In a sport that can be ruthlessly individual, it’s encouraging to see two bodybuilders without coaches or lots of resources teaming up to better each-other. Men like these are often the unsung heroes of the bodybuilding community. They fund their own trips to fill out competitions and train hard every day without serious hopes of ever dominating at the top level.

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