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If Kevin Levrone Isn’t Considering A Comeback, He Should.

In athletic endeavors competitors have a limited window of opportunity to make the most of their youth. You’d be hard pressed to find athletes competing at the highest level of their chosen sport after exiting their prime. You won’t find a great many boxing champions over the age of forty. No NBA player is planning to still be on the polished hardwood court when they’re fifty. It’s not impossible in theory, but in reality those are things that you’ll likely never see much of. The same can’t be said for bodybuilders.

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If an athlete is injury free, has the motivation, as well as the mental and intestinal fortitude, then the possibility of them competing in bodybuilding at an advanced age isn’t too farfetched. One simply needs to look at former Olympia champion Dexter Jackson to have proof of that. 2015 was a year that Jackson surprised a great many fans and competitors. His physique was as shredded and proportioned as ever and he didn’t look at all like a man in his forties. “The Blade” is proof that high level bodybuilding can still be done at an advanced age.

But it looks as if Dexter Jackson isn’t the only man over 45 that looks like they could make some waves in the open weight division of bodybuilding. It looks as though Kevoin Levrone could be making good on his claims of coming out of retirement and hitting the stage again. In a recent Instagram post, the man that many call the uncrowned Olympia champion is looking more impressive at the age of 51.

Kevin Levrone has long talked about making a comeback – but fans have often felt that this would never become a reality. After so many years of hearing the word “comeback” but seeing no action… it’s easy to get discouraged. But if his latest physique is to be believed. It might be a sign that we’ll really see a comeback after all.

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