Do Brandon Curry and Hadi Choopan plan to put on more size to compete against Big Ramy?

While there are a small handful of competitions still left in these final weeks of the year – for many pro bodybuilders the offseason has officially begun. That time of year when most (but not all) bulk to put on more size before eventually cutting back down into lean form leading up to the competitions next year.

But for many of the top pro bodybuilders next year will be quite different heading into the major competitions like the Arnold Classic and especially the Mr. Olympia. This year’s Olympia competition had an asterisk in the form of missing competitors – but that will likely not be the case in 2020. Current Olympia champion Brandon Curry will need to face off against even more competitors next year in order to hold onto his title. One big threat that will be facing him is of course Big Ramy.

Which begs the question – will Brandon Curry be chasing bigger size to keep up with Big Ramy? Is that even necessary? At the moment it’s hard to tell but from the latest updates collected here by Fazi Fitness – we are seeing both Brandon Curry and Hadi Choopan preparing in the off season to make sure nothing is left to chance.

Both are look quite massive in their latest showing – Hadi releasing some new impressive training footage and Brandon Curry showcasing a still stellar physique in his Romania Muscle Fest Pro guest posing this past weekend. Check out their updates alongside other pro competitors in the latest video compilation above.

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