Old School Workouts For New School Gains

Old school workouts have a ton of benefits.

While machines are effective at building quality muscle, there simply some exercises that can’t be easily replaced. For the most part, bodybuilding is pretty simple and straightforward. Choose the exercises and machines that will build muscle in specific body parts, separating each muscle group by specific days of the week, rinse and repeat. But the funny thing is, if you stick to the same routine forever then your gains will eventually stagnate. If you want to make consistent gains then it means you’ll have to switch things up for continued growth.

Rather than scramble the internet to find some new way of doing things, some new fad workout, instead you should be taking a look back. The bodybuilders of the Golden Era were all juggernauts in some pretty insane condition, yet they had less to work with than we do today. That’s why taking some exercises from the past and integrating it into your routine is a great way to confuse the muscles and create new growth.

So what moves should you be doing in the gym? The video below has some great examples of old school workouts you should try out. Check it out above!

Keep in mind, while many of the movements do look unorthodox, the idea is that many of these exercises are used strengthen the spine (lumbar & thoracic spine) to withstand stress. These exercises are all done with lighter weight. If you’re planning to put on a ton of weight then you can kiss your back goodbye. If you’re a lifter with some good strength and experience, then these exercises can go a long way to providing you new gains.

What do you think of this old school workout?

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