Olympia 2017 Bikini Results

Who is the queen of the Olympia 2017 Bikini competition?

Many bikini competitors enter the Olympia (perhaps more than any other division) but only one can come out as the Ms. Olympia Bikini champion. Another year has passed and the results are in – so who was the #1 competitor this year? Check out the results below:

Olympia 2017 Bikini Results

1. Angelica Teixeira
2. Jennifer Ronzitti
3. Romina Basualdo
4. Casey Samsel
5. Narmin Assria



    • LOL…Janet doesn’t have the right connections. The bikini winner has always been a team bombshell member. If you’re not associated with team bombshell, you have no chance at winning the Olympia. Janet isn’t coached by Dey… there’s more politics in bikini fitness than in college football. LOL


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