Olympia 2017 Figure Callout Report

Who had the best figure at the Olympia 2017 callouts?

We are now well underway with the Olympia 2017 weekend and prejudging has started here in Las Vegas! So far we’ve had the Figure competitors come on stage. Check out the callouts below:

Callout 1

Maria Diaz

Heather Dees

Cydney Gillion

Candice Lewis

Nicole Wilkins

Latorya Watts


2nd Callout

Maria Luisa Baeza-Diaz

Heather Dees

Sandra Grajales

Ivana Ivusic

Jessica Reyes Padilla

Camala Rodriguez

Nicole Wilkins

3rd Callout

Maria Luisa Baeza-Diaz

Sanda Grajales

Ivana Ivusic

Laurelle Martineau

Jessica Reyes Padilla

Camala Rodriguez

Bojana Vasiljevic

4th Callout

Marlissa Jordan

Wendy Fortino

Adele Ondrejovicova

Andrea Calhoun

Natalia Soltero

Tonya Wheatfal

5th Callout

Melissa Bumstead

Tiffani Hebert

Devone Martin

Martina Yabekova

Natalya Zabekova

6th Callout

Natalia Abrham Coelho

Maria Garcia

Karina Grau

Stephanie Hammermeister

Tina Nguyen

Andrea Pollard

7th Callout (TOP 3)

Cydney Gillon

Latory Watts

Candice Lewis-Carter

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