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Breon Ansley, Chris Bumstead, and George Peterson lead the pack in Olympia 2019 Classic Physique prejudging.

The second day of prejudging has come into full swing in the form of the Classic Physique division at the Olympia 2019. Hungry competitors are looking to take down the Breon Ansley and prevent him from being an ongoing reigning champ in this young division.

Chris Bumstead and George Peterson are two contenders that will come closest to taking Ansley down as they both placed in the final top 3 callout during today’s prejudging. Chris Bumstead in particular appears to be hungrier than ever. Last year an injury prevented him from preparing for the Olympia to his fullest – and so this year will be seen as his true potential to take Breon down. But the big question will be can he do it?

Breon Ansley still maintained the center spot in the final callout and his physique looks impeccable. He is nearly the Phil Heath equivalent for the Classic Physique division – a competitor in a whole separate realm than most of the competitors.

You can check out the callout report breakdown below and also watch the first callouts compiled here by Williams Fitness in the video above!

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1st Callout

  • Alex Cambronero
  • Keone Pearson
  • Chris Bumstead
  • Breon Ansley
  • Chen Kang
  • George Peterson

2nd Callout

  • Arash Rahbar
  • Henri-Pierre Ano
  • Courage Opara
  • Ahmad Ahmad
  • Khaled Chikhaoui
  • David Hoffman
  • Dani Younan

3rd Callout

  • Ahmad Ahmad
  • Danny Hester
  • Henri Pierre Ano
  • David Hoffman,
  • Khaled Chikhaoui
  • Stan De Longeaux
  • Avnet Logan

4th Callout

  • Dancoeva Anderson
  • Kirill Khudaiev
  • Giuseppe Zagarella
  • Panexs Pierre
  • Rylon McDuell Batiste
  • Jordan Plantiko

5th Callout (Top 3)

  • Chris Bumstead
  • Breon Ansley
  • George Peterson