After his Olympia 2020 Pro Wheelchair win, Harold Kelley dissects his journey to becoming the most dominant champion in his division.

On Saturday 19th, 2020, Harold Kelley won the Olympia 2020 Pro Wheelchair competition. The victory marked his third time winning the prestigious event. It also makes him the only champion since the Pro Wheelchair’s introduction into the Olympia weekend.

Harold Kelley also has five Arnold Classic wins under his belt. Again, this makes him the only Arnold Classic Pro Wheelchair champion since its introduction into the event. To say that Kelley is a dominant champion is an understatement.

That’s why we connected with Harold Kelley via video chat, just after his Olympia 2020 win, to discuss his journey in Wheelchair bodybuilding and how he maintains his champion status year after year. In our latest GI Exclusive, Harold Kelley details his journey from a tragic car accident through to his massive success in Pro Wheelchair bodybuilding.

Harold Kelley was a bodybuilder before his car accident. So when he learned that after the accident that he would no longer have the use of his legs – he only had one question: “So what next?”

Facing adversity, adapting to challenges, and improving himself has always been a part of Harold Kelley’s DNA. While his accident and loss of movement in his legs was certainly a deep struggle both mentally and physically – he was ready to face it head on almost right out of the hospital.

Since then, Harold Kelley blew up into a Pro Wheelchair bodybuilding sensation. He’s been present since the beginning of the division’s presence in both major bodybuilding shows – the Arnold Classic and the Mr. Olympia.

So how does he do it? How does he fend off the hungry competitors trying to take him down? For Kelley, it’s about starting from scratch. Not literally but mentally. He looks at each new year as trying to win the Olympia or the Arnold Classic for the first time. He doesn’t sit pretty on his laurels.

That’s easy enough to say but an entirely different challenge to actually put into action. So far, Harold Kelley has succeeded. Every challenge, from the aftermath of his car accident through to his rise in Pro Wheelchair bodybuilding has been a mountain climbed and a flag planted.

You can watch Harold Kelley’s full comments about his journey to Pro Wheelchair bodybuilding and his recent Olympia victory in our latest GI Exclusive interview segment above!

Derek Dufour
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