Mr. Olympia 2020 Men’s Bodybuilding Results

And the Mr. Olympia 2020 champion is…

To say that this year’s Mr. Olympia was a different one is a bit of an understatement. With the world turned upside down by a pandemic, the entire bodybuilding season was postponed and many events cancelled. The Mr. Olympia, which traditionally occurs in September, was pushed back to December. It also was moved from Las Vegas, Nevada to Orlando, Florida due to public event restrictions.

It seemed as if we would never get here but here we are. Another Olympia has finished and we have a 2020 Mr. Olympia champion. Sadly, beyond the rescheduling and location changes – there were also some changes in the lineup.

Flex Lewis had to drop out due to an injury. This was meant to be his debut in the Men’s Open division. Some even believed that he had a shot to win the entire division.Cedric McMillan also had to drop out due to injury. Roelly Winklaar also had to drop out due to contracting COVID-19 just one week before the competition.

On top of that, Shawn Rhoden is still unable to compete due to his ongoing legal issues. Until those are cleared up, he will not be allowed to compete in any IFBB events.

That being said, there were still a large collective of bodybuilders able to compete and fight for the biggest honor of the year. Brandon Curry returned to defend his Olympia title. Phil Heath made a comeback return after taking a year off following his loss at the Olympia 2018.

After some last minute worries, Hadi Choopan and Big Ramy both were able to receive their visas and travel to the United States. And of course William Bonac was prepared as ever to fight alongside the other top contenders in the division.

With Phil Heath in the mix, it truly felt like anything was possible at the Olympia 2020. The last we had seen of Heath, he was looking ever so slightly off in his midsection. This was clearly the weakness that allowed Shawn Rhoden to defeat him. Going into this competition, it was unclear what version of Phil Heath we would see. 8x Mr. Olympia legend Ronnie Coleman even mused that Heath was on his way out and fading. Would that be the case this weekend?

It was a hard fought battle but the results are finally in. Check them out below – brought to you by Nutrabio!

Mr. Olympia 2020 Men’s Bodybuilding Results

  1. Big Ramy
  2. Brandon Curry
  3. Phil Heath
  4. Hadi Choopan
  5. William Bonac
  6. Akim Williams
  7. Iain Valliere
  8. Hunter Labrada
  9. Dexter Jackson
  10. Justin Luis Rodriguez
  11. Lukas Osladil
  12. Seung Chul Lee
  13. Maxx Charles
  14. Antoine Vaillant
  15. Regan Grimes
  16. Juan Morel

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Mr. Olympia 2020 ResultsWilliam Bonac Olympia 2020Phil Heath Olympia 2020Lee Labrada Olympia 2020Lee Labrada Olympia 2020Hadi Choopan Olympia 2020Dexter Jackson Olympia 2020Dexter Jackson Olympia 2020Brandon Curry Olympia 2020Brandon Curry Olympia 2020Big Ramy Olympia 2020Antoine Vaillant Olympia 2020Official Olympia 2020 Men’s Open Bodybuilding Scorecards

Mr. Olympia 2020 scorecard

Previous Mr. Olympia Winners

  • 2019: Brandon Curry
  • 2018: Shawn Rhoden
  • 2017: Phil Heath
  • 2016: Phil Heath
  • 2015: Phil Heath
  • 2014: Phil Heath
  • 2013: Phil Heath
  • 2012: Phil Heath
  • 2011: Phil Heath
  • 2010: Jay Cutler
  • 2009: Jay Cutler
  • 2008: Dexter Jackson
  • 2007: Jay Cutler
  • 2006: Jay Cutler
  • 2005: Ronnie Coleman
  • 2004: Ronnie Coleman
  • 2003: Ronnie Coleman
  • 2002: Ronnie Coleman
  • 2001: Ronnie Coleman
  • 2000: Ronnie Coleman
  • 1999: Ronnie Coleman
  • 1998: Ronnie Coleman
  • 1997: Dorian Yates
  • 1996: Dorian Yates
  • 1995: Dorian Yates
  • 1994: Dorian Yates
  • 1993: Dorian Yates
  • 1992: Dorian Yates
  • 1991: Lee Haney
  • 1990: Lee Haney
  • 1989: Lee Haney
  • 1988: Lee Haney
  • 1987: Lee Haney
  • 1986: Lee Haney
  • 1985: Lee Haney
  • 1984: Lee Haney
  • 1983: Samir Bannout
  • 1982: Chris Dickerson
  • 1981: Franco Columbu
  • 1980: Arnold Schwarzenegger
  • 1979: Frank Zane
  • 1978: Frank Zane
  • 1977: Frank Zane
  • 1976: Franco Columbu
  • 1975: Arnold Schwarzenegger
  • 1974: Arnold Schwarzenegger
  • 1973: Arnold Schwarzenegger
  • 1972: Arnold Schwarzenegger
  • 1971: Arnold Schwarzenegger
  • 1970: Arnold Schwarzenegger
  • 1969: Sergio Oliva
  • 1968: Sergio Oliva
  • 1967: Sergio Oliva
  • 1966: Larry Scott
  • 1965: Larry Scott
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