Ms. Olympia 2020 Results

The Ms. Olympia returns – but who is is the 2020 champion?

For the past few years, it seemed as if Women’s Bodybuilding was nearly dead. The last time the Women’s Bodybuilding division was present at the Olympia was back in 2014. Since then, there had been no Ms. Olympia. So there was no title to shoot for. This fundamentally broke the entire system of motivation for female bodybuilders to prove themselves best in the world.

All of that changed this year with the return of the Ms. Olympia. Not only that, but the reigning champion, Iris Kyle returned to see if she could continue her winning streak right where she left off.

With nine Ms. Olympia titles under her belt, would she be able to earn herself into the double digits? That would make her a first among all Olympia weekend competition champions.

Ultimately, this would not be the case. Iris Kyle did not appear during the Friday morning pre-judging routines. It was later confirmed by Olympia officials that she had fallen ill. They did not confirm what the specific illness was.

With Iris Kyle out – suddenly the first place position was more opened up. It was already a close race – but without the 9x Ms. Olympia champion returning the landscape looked a bit different.

Now there’s no more need to guess as the official Ms. Olympia results have finally arrived. You can check them out below – brought to you by Nutrabio!

Ms. Olympia 2020 Results

Ms Olympia 2020 Results

1. Andrea Shaw
2. Margie Martin
3. Helle Trevino
4. MayLa Ash
5. Irene Anderson
6. Monique Jones
7. Asha Hadley
8. Nicki Chartrand
9. Reshanna Boswell
10. Margita Zamolova
11. Kim Buck
12. LaDawn McDay
13. Yaxeni Oriquen
14. Theresa Ivancik
15. Janeen Lankowski

Official Ms. Olympia 2020 Scorecard

Ms. Olympia 2020 scorecard

Ms. Olympia 2020 Highlights

Ms. Olympia Top 2

Ms. Olympia Past Winners

1980: Rachel McLish

1981:  Kike Elomaa

1982: Rachel McLish

1983: Carla Dunlap

1984: Cory Everson

1985: Cory Everson

1986: Cory Everson

1987: Cory Everson

1988: Cory Everson

1989: Cory Everson

1990: Lenda Murray

1991: Lenda Murray

1992: Lenda Murray

1993: Lenda Murray

1994: Lenda Murray

1995: Lenda Murray

1996: Kim Chizevsky

1997: Kim Chizevsky

1998: Kim Chizevsky

1999: Kim Chizevsky

2000: Valentina Chepiga (heavyweight), Andrulla Blanchette (Lightweight) No overall winner selected

2001: Juliette Bergmann

2002: Lenda Murray

2003: Lenda Murray

2004: Iris Kyle

2005: Yaxeni Oriquen

2006: Iris Kyle

2007: Iris Kyle

2008: Iris Kyle

2009: Iris Kyle

2010: Iris Kyle

2011: Iris Kyle

2012: Iris Kyle

2013: Iris Kyle

2014: Iris Kyle

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