Ms. Olympia 2020 Callout Report

See the full list of the Ms. Olympia 2020 callout report and comparisons.

The Ms. Olympia 2020 pre-judging has just come to a close in what will be a truly historic moment for this division. Women’s bodybuilding as a whole has been missing from the Olympia weekend since its last appearance in 2014. With the lack of Ms. Olympia the last five years, there was no crown jewel to shoot for in the division. This led to some extreme underrepresentation with exception of a few pro shows throughout the year.

Now with the Olympia under new ownership, an initiative was placed to bring back the Ms. Olympia. Now here we are in 2020, with the first Ms. Olympia competition in five years taking place. Not only that, but the excitement rose further upon hearing that 9x Ms. Olympia Iris Kyle would be competing and aiming for another win. If she succeeded, she would be the first athlete to earn double digits at the Olympia.

But in a surprising turn of events, Iris Kyle was nowhere to be found during the pre-judging. This leaves a brand new competitor a direct chance to become the new Ms. Olympia. That would make for the first new Ms. Olympia champion in over a decade.

There’s been some serious competition among the ranks of Women’s Bodybuilding. This includes Helle Trevino who had been hyped as a favorite to win the whole contest. Another competitor, Andrea Shaw, was able to beat Helle at the Wings Of Strength Rising Phoenix bodybuilding competition. These two competitors looked to be neck and neck heading into this weekend.

With Iris Kyle out, the entire lineup looks different and ripe with new possibilities. The Ms. Olympia 2020 callouts have just come to a close. You can check them out below:

Ms. Olympia 2020 Callout Report

1st Callout

Ms. Olympia 2020 1st callout

  • Irene Anderson
  • MayLa Ash
  • Monique Jones
  • Margie Martin
  • Andrea Shaw
  • Helle Trevino

2nd Callout

Ms. Olympia 2020 2nd callout

  • Reshanna Boswell
  • Nicki Chartrand
  • Asha Hadley
  • Margrita Zamolova

3rd Callout

Ms. Olympia 2020 3rd callout

  • Kim Buck
  • Theresa Ivancik
  • Janeed Lankowski
  • LaDawn McDay
  • Yaxeni Oriquen

4th Callout (Top 4)

Ms. Olympia 2020 4th callout top 4

  • MayLa Ash
  • Margie Martin
  • Andrea Shaw
  • Helle Trevino

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