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Take a glimpse at the intense pumping and celebrating right behind the Olympia stage.

Yesterday marked the first night of the Olympia weekend competitions. We had a majority of the women’s finals at the big arena and got a glimpse at the big guys during the Mr. Olympia prejudging. Things got pretty heated again between Kai and Phil – they just can’t stop taking digs at each other. This year might be the breaking point for Kai. Can he take the Sandow from Phil this time?

We have an exclusive backstage look of all the stars getting ready, pumping up, and celebrating their wins (Iris Kyle 10x Olympia Champion!) right here for you. You got to see them on the stage – now see them behind it.

Pics below:

Silver Roelly Pump Up Pump Up 4 Pump Up 3 Pump Up 2 Kai Greene Girls Girls 2 Dread Guy Dexter Jackson Dennis Wolf Dennis Wolf 2 Branch Warren Branch Warren 2



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