Strength Wars Movie

Dexter Jackson or Shawn Rhoden?

THIS OR THAT WITH JESSENIA VICE – takes two highly debated fitness topics and compares them to determine the best solution for maximizing your bodybuilding lifestyle. The best part? We let you decide the winner to be announced by Jessenia the following week. We raise the facts, you choose the champion. New episodes every Thursday!

The Mr. Olympia weekend has officially begun! With the press conference and Meet the Olympians going live today, we’re sure there will be plenty of hype and updates as we head into the event nights on Friday and Saturday. That’s why this week we’re doing another Mr. Olympia edition of This Or That. This time we’re comparing two competitors who almost always get a guaranteed top 3 placing – Dexter Jackson vs Shawn Rhoden!

These are two veterans of the sport who often go toe-to-toe every year at Mr. Olympia… and even threaten reigning champ Phil Heath. Who do you think has the better physique? We compare the strengths and weakness of both and then YOU can decide your preferred competitor. Check it out in our episode above!

Strength Wars Movie

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