Onnit Primal Kettlebells Review For Beastly Strength

These primal-themed kettlebells will give you a monster workout while you do it in style.

Product Overview

Kettlebells have the power to seriously enhance all of our strength and conditioning goals and, although popular, are often times not used as much as they could be. In a time where gym closures threaten our workouts, a home gym is essential and kettlebells are simple and convenient exercise tools to slide into your home gym and at home workouts. With the ability to aid in muscle growth, aerobic and anaerobic capacity, weight loss, and mobility, it’s no wonder why kettlebells have rose to such popularity (1). Onnit Primal Kettlebells are the perfect exercise tools to give you a fun and engaging way to train while doing so in style.

Onnit is a top tier sports equipment company working with top athletes around the world to create and promote the best products out there. With the belief that improvement comes from the mind, body, and soul, Onnit works everyday to bring you the best supplement and exercise equipment to live a better lifestyle overall. Using only the best ingredients in their sports supplements and the highest quality of material in their workout equipment, Onnit seeks to make everyone happy and healthy so they reach their full potential.


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Onnit Primal Kettlebells Highlights

Onnit Primal Kettlebells are perfect exercise tools to give you beastly strength and really work to improve endurance with the awesome capabilities of advancing any of your workouts. Built to last with chip-resistance iron, these high quality kettlebells are built for durability and longevity to keep you training for a long time. Perfectly balanced in weight, you can accurately assess where you are and safely conduct a killer workout. The large handles will work to enhance grip strength to keep you injury free and working through every exercise, no matter how much the sweat pours down your face.

With five different primal faces, these kettlebells provide for a fun and engaging workout so you can be proud of your hard work. Ranging in price and varying in weight, these kettlebells are an awesome addition to add to your home-gym for style and perfect for workouts like swings, snatches, cleans, and other full body exercises to give you those desired gains.


Weights & Pricing

Each primal kettlebell has a different animal corresponding to the amount of weight and provide fun ways for you to work out not only for strength, but also for style.

Howler Primal Bell (18 lbs.)- $42.95

The Howler primal bell is a great kettlebell for those just starting out. Affordable in price yet still consisting of enough weight, you can learn the basics of kettlebell training and work to nail down form.

Chimp Primal Bell (36 lbs.)- $84.95

The Chimp primal bell is awesome for those starting to make the transition from beginner to intermediate. Now that you have focused on form and increased strength, increasing weight slightly will really help see added gains.

Orangutan Primal Bell (54 lbs.)- $129.95

The Orangutan primal bell will work to crush you during those intermediate workouts. At the right amount of weight to challenge you yet still be manageable, this kettlebell is the perfect middle ground.

Gorilla Primal Bell (72 lbs.)- $169.95

The Gorilla primal bell is now driving you towards a more advanced level. At 72 lbs., this is a great bell for single arm workouts and those exercises to really feel a burn.

Bigfoot Primal Bell (90 lbs.)- $214.95

The Bigfoot primal bell is now ready for those who want a great challenge. Hitting the more advanced stages of kettlebell training with this 90 lbs. kettlebell, you will feel a burn and see huge growth to give you Bigfoot like strength.


Pros & Cons

Pros: Great quality and fun products to really enhance your workouts. Great plans to get you fit and strong for people of all skill levels. From a reputable company in Onnit who cares about their consumers and products.

Cons: Premium priced kettlebells make these expensive over time especially if you start buying more than one. Some may not like the shape of these kettlebells as they are seen as awkward to grip.

Sponsored Athlete

Ognjen Topic

Ognken Topic is a current WBC and WKA champion, as well as a former Lion Fight World champion in Muay Thai who uses Onnit primal kettlebells to seriously enhance his workouts and overall strength. Ranked number one in the United States in the Super Feather Weight Division, he holds a number of titles and is a force in the sport. Through strict training and help from Onnit, Topic has been able to continue his dominant reign and prove just how powerful an athlete he truly is. Onnit primal kettlebells are the perfect training tools for Topic for he can train hard and see great growth while also doing it in style. Topic works with Onnit to promote these great products so others can be as great as he is in their own respective sports.

Wrap Up

Onnit Primal Kettlebells are great exercise tools to see serious growth and allow your gains to flow in style. With five different primal faces, your home gym just got a beastly makeover as you can now perform killer exercises and train like the beast you know is in you. Highly durable and built to last with an enhanced grip, these kettlebells can give you everything you want and need out of a high quality workout product. Onnit ensures their customers are happy and training for an overall better lifestyle which is something to be truly thankful for. What you are really getting is a high quality kettlebell from a reputable company at a good price to enhance all of your gains. Check out Onnit Primal Kettlebells today and see that inner beast get unleashed.

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