Patrick Moore Has a Beastly Physique and a Crazy V-Taper

Patrick Moore has an impressive physique!

In bodybuilding there are many individuals with incredible physiques. So many different bodybuilders go under the radar at times with only a handful of people giving them credit where credit is due.

But Generation Iron is about finding all the great talent that exists out in the world and showcasing them on a wider platform to get the word out about their incredible physical achievements. Patrick Moore is definitely one of those talented individuals that deserves to be congratulated for his accomplishments.

Patrick Moore is an IFBB pro with a ton of upside. He has built a well balanced physique with incredible musculature and considerable shred. His V-Taper is one of the best out there and certainly deserves to be recognized as such by the masses. One of his recent Instagram posts demonstrates this emphatically. Take a look at the post below showcasing Patrick Moore and his jacked physique earned through consistent training.

What do you think of Patrick Moore and his jacked physique?

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Header image courtesy of Instagram



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