Phil Heath Says “Words Cannot Explain” His Intensity In 2020 Olympia Leadup

Phil Heath has obviously had a spectacular run in the sport as a seven-time Olympia champion, but clearly he’s not finished.

Phil Heath has taken to social media lately to get his fans as pumped as he is for his upcoming return to the Olympia 2020. He last competed in 2018, which resulted in a disappointing but narrow second place finish behind Shawn Rhoden. After taking a year off from the circuit, Phil Heath is back, apparently bigger and bulkier than ever, and ready to reclaim his throne. Take a look at the status update he shared on Twitter below.

“I’m so freakin possessed to get my crown back words cannot explain my mindset right now,” he captioned the post.

Phil Heath will add an interesting element to the 2020 Olympia lineup for sure. He’s got one of the most well-respected physiques in the game and is actually still 4 years younger than Shawn Rhoden was when he won the title. He’s definitely on the older side for an Olympia competitor but it’s also certainly not unheard of for someone to have a win in their forties, and if anyone is talented enough to pull it off, Phil Heath would be the man. He’ll likely have to defeat Brandon Curry, who, at 37, is also an older bodybuilder. Most of the competitors this year fall somewhere within this age group.

Phil already has one of the most star-studded careers in the sport, but an eighth Olympia win is probably important to him because he would finally be tied up with Lee Haney and Ronnie Coleman for the record number of Olympia wins (8). That’s a shot at superstardom that most athletes would be drooling over.

Phil Heath has also been keeping fans updated on his journey through Olympia prep over Instagram, where he posts frequent updates detailing his workouts.

“Yesterday was official day 1 of prep, we finished training at 2am. Now for day two and we got 13 weeks to go baby! As you can see the pump was real last night, time to really get to work, this is going to be a full on Dorian Yates prep vibe – no witnesses, full dark mode murdering these fkn weights!” He captioned the post.

If you’re also interested in getting your Dorian Yates prep vibe on, you can buy our ebook of Yates’ actual training journals that he kept from 1985-1990. Yates is clearly a huge inspiration to Heath and a great influence on him as a bodybuilder. The ebook contains his actual training regimen from those years and has extensive and detailed reports on how he cycled his workouts. Also included are some insights into his diet and how he bulked up and cut down before competitions. If you want to do things the great way, take it from men like Phil Heath and Dorian Yates — you want to know what you’re doing and how to make your effort count.

*All images and media courtesy of Instagram and Twitter.

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