WATCH: Phil Heath Breaks Down How To Eat For Bodybuilding While Traveling

Every bodybuilder knows the struggles of air travel.

Not only are the physical restriction and discomfort a nuisance, but the dehydration, pressurization, and recycled air can exhaust the body. In a video that has since been removed from public viewing, Phil Heath explains how he manages travel, and offers tips to any struggling bodybuilders. Here we break down his top tips from the original video.

First, Phil offers his procedure for short range flights. He usually takes advantage of restaurants within the airports.

“When I’m traveling domestic – so that would be under 4 hours- it’s pretty easy. I usually get to the airport around an hour before I take off so I may grab something…. if I don’t make something at home and bring it in my cooler I usually get something from one of the restaurants.

“There are a couple of good restaurants within international airports that I can get a good steak and rice from. That’s always key.”

He of course has the privilege to sit in first class, but says he does not rely on the airplane food.

“I’m sitting in first class so sometimes they’ll have something tasty, but I’m always carrying a shake and some type of meal either on the plane with me or I just ate and I carry that shake.”

International flights are a whole different animal. Phil says he will research ahead at each layover airport and often have the restaurants there prepare meals ahead of time that will be ready for him upon landing.

“Normally when you’re traveling internationally when you land you have to empty out all your food cause you’re traveling through customs and what not sometimes they don’t check but normally that’s what they tell you to do.

“If you can plan a shake in between a couple meals that always helps”

The other issue that must be addressed is the physical exhaustion of travel that can be so deceptive, because of the lack of obvious duress.

“One of the things you need to be doing is probably resting. It’s really hard to sleep on a plane I know that and for those that don’t get like a lie flat seat I know it’s very very bothersome. Maybe get up, walk around a little bit, especially bigger guys.”

To close, Phil says that bodybuilding is flat out expensive. Athletes should be willing to plan ahead and make extra adjustments to tackle the obstacles of travel. Watch below for the full video.

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