Phil Heath Gives Advice To Older Bodybuilders Looking To Continue Making Gains

Phil Heath with some important advice for older bodybuilders.

Olympia champion Phil “The Gift” Heath, while a polarizing figure, as been an excellent resource for many up and coming bodybuilders. He is far from reclusive, and often divulges his training and nutritional methods. Massive Muscle recently released a clip from Phil’s ‘Gifted’ channel in which he addresses a question from an older athlete.

The man wanted to know how he can train to avoid injury, if there are specific methods he should employ. Phil responds:

“I definitely believe that muscle confusion is great. However, when you’re training around an injury sometimes rest is just the most important. I definitely believe in active release therapy for those areas too. And depending on the level of injury maybe going to a specialist or getting an MRI is important. And I know people hate- for some reason us bodybuilders- hate to go to the doctor because we don’t what to what? Be told that we cant train.”

He says that there are different ways to stimulate muscle growth with different amounts of weight.

“If you cant afford that there’s foam rolling, stuff like that that can help. But I definitely think that you should cut back on the heavy weight and maybe focus on some other ways maybe doing drop sets or even giant sets. Or also maybe focusing on the Type II muscle fibers and focusing on peak contraction and holding that for a longer period of time.

“I know for myself when I train let’s say back, and I’m doing pulldowns. Instead of thinking okay can Phil Heath do the full stack? I sure can. But whats more challenging for me? Maybe doing 90% or 80% of that and being gable to hold int at peak contraction that for a longer period of time. More muscle activation is going to create what? More muscle!”

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