Generation Iron Phil Heath Speech Denver

Going back to his roots.

We all know Phil Heath’s fabled past. A man who wanted to become a basketball legend only to realize that he would never make it on a pro level – and then changing his passion for athletics into something different… something that would lead him to greatness. It seems like Phil Heath will never forget his roots, so it’s great to see him come back to the University of Denver as a keynote speaker to help motivate the next generation. After all, Phil Heath was once just like all graduate hopefuls – unsure of his future but ready to do whatever it takes to make a difference in his life and others.

If you’re looking for some Phil Heath motivation that differs from the traditional gym workout or epic posing routine; check out Phil’s keynote speech just recently published on his Gifted Nutrition YouTube page:

“No one can care about your success more than you.”

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