Generation Iron Phil Heath Guest Posing NY

Phil Heath Guest Posing in New York.

NPC bodybuilding competitions are a breeding ground for new athletes with a fire for competing. Competing in NPC events are a great way for an amateur to get some much needed experience before actually choosing to contend for a pro card. It’s at events like these that most people learn what they’re made of and whether or not they have the drive to continue to compete in such a challenging sport. The experience gained is truly priceless and offers a great bit of insight into how serious a competitor is about taking on the sport full time.

Besides being a great place to gain valuable experience, NPC competitions are also great for getting an up close look at the some of the pros that currently dominate the pro circuit. At this past weekend’s NPC Atlantic States Championships, the reigning Mr. Olympia champ Phil Heath was on full display before a crowd of rabid fans. With just 3 months out from the Olympia weekend in September, Heath has been making some steady improvements during the off season and has been looking pretty impressive without even having an actual competition on the horizon. Check out the video of Phil guest posing at the NPC Atlantic State Championships.

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