Don’t hold back. Say, “Screw it” and do whatever it takes.

Phil Heath’s seminar at the Bev Francis gym was an in depth look into the man behind the Sandow. An even filled with hours of insightful thoughts of Phil, his career, his past, and his future. There were so many great things shared that day, that we are still able to provide you with more exclusive content from that seminar.

With Part 5 of Phil Heath’s Seminar, the 4x Mr. Olympia champion opens up about what inspires and motivates him to succeed. True to The Gift’s attitude on and off stage, Phil lets his fans know that they shouldn’t hold back or be shy about what makes them talented. Whether it be bodybuilding or some other passion – don’t hold back about what desire you have and what it takes to succeed. Perhaps it may seem cocky (much like the criticism that Phil receives regularly), but as Phil puts it best, “screw it” and be honest about what it is you want. Then take it.

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