Phil Heath goes in deeper than ever before on his rivalry with Kai Greene.

ONE ON ONE WITH PHIL HEATH – is an exclusive 4-part interview with Phil Heath one week after his loss at the Mr. Olympia 2018. Vlad Yudin sat down with Phil for nearly two hours discussing his immediate emotions after losing, a play by play of the weekend, and his plans for the future. This is the final part of the interview.

Many consider the rivalry between Phil Heath and Kai Greene to be the best ever in bodybuilding – and they just might be right. Even over two years since Kai Greene has stepped off the stage, people still wonder whether or not he will return. Many only care about seeing Phil vs Kai on the big Olympia stage.

So of course in our one on one conversation with Phil Heath we had to ask about the Kai vs Phil rivalry… and what we got was his most honest answer to their back and forth relationship we’ve ever heard from The Gift. He gives insider details to the most tense moments of their rivalry, including what was exactly said between the two of them when they got into a fight on stage.

But more surprisingly, Phil opened up about how without Kai Greene, the 7x Mr. Olympia champion Phil Heath might not have existed in the same way. Kai aggressive battle against Phil made him a better athlete. That’s not something you would easily hear from Phil about his biggest rival – but here we are in a new era of the sport. And a new era of Phil Heath.

Check out the fourth and final part of our one on one with Phil Heath above!

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