Phil Heath goes into detail about the power pro athletes hold and how Olympia could be doing more with them.

ONE ON ONE WITH PHIL HEATH – is an exclusive 4-part interview with Phil Heath one week after his loss at the Mr. Olympia 2018. Vlad Yudin sat down with Phil for nearly two hours discussing his immediate emotions after losing, a play by play of the weekend, and his plans for the future. This is part 3 of the interview.

In part 3 of our one on one interview with Phil Heath – he moves past the Olympia 2018 and his loss and starts looking towards the future. Namely, whether or not he will compete in the Arnold Classic 2019. And while his answer isn’t straight forward – it does speak to a bigger conversation regarding professional bodybuilding, Olympia, and the marketing of big name athletes.

Phil thinks that not enough is being done with the star power of the top athletes. He thinks that the athletes bring the butts in the seats, and knowing that, the athletes should be allowed to ask for more to compete in major competitions – especially the Olympia. But more importantly, they the athletes and promoters can work together to create a much more powerful marketing plan hyping up major shows.

In Phil’s mind, it’s far too often left in the hands of the athletes alone – but if a major show was willing to help promote original content with the athletes and hype up the show year after year… there would be more excitement, more happy fans, and more money to go around.

Check out part 3 of our one on one with Phil Heath above!


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