Phil Heath Says He Would Have NFL Legend J.J. Watt “Stage Ready” In 12 Weeks After Seeing Shredded Physique


J.J. Watt impressed fans with his shredded physique but Phil Heath took notice too.

Phil Heath is a legend of bodybuilding that has totaled seven Olympia victories during his career. He knows an elite physique when he sees one and recently, he took notice of another legend — this one coming from the NFL.

Former NFL star J.J. Watt impressed fans with a shirtless selfie recently, showing off his shredded physique in retirement. Heath spoke with TMZ about the photo and said he would have Watt “stage ready” in 12 weeks if he were to train him.

“He actually looks pretty damn good. I think he would actually do well at the amateur level.”

Watt retired from the NFL following the 2022 season after a legendary career. The three-time AP Defensive Player of the Year finished with 114.5 career sacks and was the best defensive player of his generation. Watt led the league in sacks in 2012 (20.5) and 2015 (17.5). He was a First Team All-Pro selection five times.

Since retiring, Watt has remained active and clearly focuses on keeping his physique in shape.

Phil Heath: “I Can Get Him On An Amateur Stage”

Phil Heath acknowledged the physique of J.J. Watt and put a timeline of 12 weeks that he would need to get him ready for a competition.

“If he trained with me for 12 weeks and we made sure everything was rocking and rolling, no injuries, we do his blood work, we figure out his nutrition. 12 weeks, I can get him on an amateur stage and he would actually be very pleased with how he looked.”


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Of course, Heath broke down Watt’s physique and spoke about what are strengths and what could use work. He highlighted Watt’s core as his biggest strength, along with his chest. On the other hand, he claims Watt could use more development.

“Could he use more calf development? Yes. Could he use more delts? Yes. Could his arms be bigger? A lot of football fans wold be like ‘dude, his arms are sick. His arms are huge.’

We’re talking about my sport. You need to have minimum of 22-inch guns, man. Especially someone being that tall.”

Watt is used to testing himself physically during his playing career. Fans would love the opportunity to see him on a bodybuilding stage and Phil Heath believes he is the one that can make it happen.

“I can get him ready for an amateur show in literally 12 weeks, without a doubt.”

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