It looks like there is no off season for Phil Heath.

While the world waits in baited breath to get an official announcement from Phil Heath about his plans for competing (or not) in 2020, all we can do is keep an eye on his video and photo updates week after week. Looking for clues or any sort of sign that he is prepping to compete at the Olympia 2020 for revenge and a chance at earning the Sandow trophy once again.

Phil Heath is keeping everyone on the edge of their seats too – keeping up with what looks to be an incredible physique despite having not competed for all of 2019. And in his latest video update, compiled here by Fazi Fitness, Phil continues to show that he is not only massive in size but also keeping his conditioning on point. There seems to be no off season for Phil regardless of when he plans to next compete. Could this be a sign that we might see Phil bring in a better package than in recent years?

Before losing the Mr. Olympia in 2018, Phil had been criticized for the size around his stomach with many believing that he should have lost to Big Ramy in 2017. While Phil was and still likely is one of the greatest physiques currently standing in bodybuilding – it was true that his aesthetic in his later wins couldn’t match his prime during those first few epic Mr. Olympia victories.

Now with a year taken off – could Phil Heath have used his extra time to return to form and put together a package with less gut? Only time will tell but this new video update showcases that Phil Heath is certainly keeping in incredible shape. Check it out above.

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