Phil Heath is tired of people talking about Kai Greene at an Olympia he’s not competing in.

The Mr. Olympia 2017 press conference has come to a close and, as usual, some hyped and insane things were said a day before the competitions go underway. Big Ramy and Phil Heath butted heads when Ramy claimed he would “bring something that no one has ever seen before to the Olympia stage” with Dexter Jackson even chiming in with some venomous words.

But by far the most bombastic thing that was said came (of course) from Phil Heath. When the press conference started leaning towards yet another year of Kai Greene’s absence… Phil just didn’t want to hear it anymore:

“We need don’t need Kai. We don’t need him… Kai’s moved on and he’s doing different things. We have some incredible athletes. Let’s not discredit what you guys see before you by bringing up people who just don’t matter right now. They just don’t.”

Even three years later – Kai Greene’s precence can still be felt at the Mr. Olympia. While Phil Heath may be right that Kai is not competing and is not the focus of the competition; one can’t argue that in a sense he DOES matter because people still talk about him even when he’s not competing.

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