Not all was great for The Gift in his early years.

In part 2 of our Phil Heath seminar coverage, we highlight a clip of Phil getting deep and intimate about the earlier years of his life. We all know that Phil Heath was a basketball player in college. But what he reveals to his fans at Bev Francis Gym – is that he was depressed during this period of time. So much so in fact that he actually contemplated taking his own life. If it wasn’t for bodybuilding, a way for Phil to work away his frustrations and pain on the weights, he may not have become the man we know today.

He is then met by the overwhelming support of his fans with a long round of applause. A far cry from the young depressed man Phil reveals in this inspirational story.

Check out Phil’s candid story above – and make sure to catch all of our exclusive videos and shows on our Episodes page. Stay pumped.

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