Phil Heath opens up about the Kai Greene controversy at the 2014 Mr. Olympia.

The one and only 4x Mr. Olympia champion Phil Heath stopped by the Bev Francis Powerhouse Gym this past Thursday for an exclusive one on one training seminar with an intimate group of his fans. His goal? To share the real down to earth side of Phil Heath – strip away the titles, strip away the pro celebrity status, and just get right next to the people most important: his fans.

Phil shared exclusive insider training tips, motivational tips, and answered a bunch of questions. We were able sit in on the seminar and also grab a quick interview after the whole event. Phil talks about what his future Mr. Olympia goals are (10 Sandow trophies!) but most importantly, opens up about the controversy everyone can’t stop talking about – the rough and dirty confrontation with Kai Greene at both the press conference and on stage.

In a very candid turn, Phil says exactly what he thinks about the whole affair and also explains what he plans to do moving forward in a competition where Kai Greene will always be one step next to him. You can’t miss it – so make sure to watch the video above!

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