Philip Ricardo Jr. discusses the INBA/PNBA and how bodybuilding lovers who do not want to use drugs can become successful as a pro natural bodybuilder.

Philip Ricardo Jr. has his own promoted INBA/PNBA natural bodybuilding competition coming up this month. The Pro/Am Philip Ricardo Legends International is set for April 30, 2022 and will be the first major event in the INBA/PNBA 2022 season. That’s why we decided to reconnect with Ricardo Jr. and discuss his upcoming show and other trending topic sin both natural and untested bodybuilding. In our latest GI Exclusive interview, Philip Ricardo Jr. goes into detail on how become a successful pro natural bodybuilder.

For many fans in the bodybuilding world, it’s seen that an actual bodybuilding career or success can only happen in the IFBB Pro league. That in order to become a successful bodybuilder, one will have to use PEDs such as steroids to become a bodybuilding superstar. But Philip Ricardo Jr. wants bodybuilding lovers to know that this isn’t true. The leading league in natural bodybuilding, INBA/PNBA, is taking strides to make pro natural bodybuilders super stars in their own right.

That’s why we reconnected with Philip Ricardo Jr. – to discuss the tactics and paths that aspiring natural bodybuilders can take to find success and a career in bodybuilding without having to resort to PEDs. With Ricardo’s very own Pro/Am show around the corner kicking off the INBA/PNBA season – there was no better time to inform those on the fence how they can go from aspiring bodybuilder to natural bodybuilding champion.

The INBA/PNBA Pro/Am Philip Ricardo Legends International is set to be the first major show of the INBA/PNBA season. Not only is this the first pro/am show of 2022 for the league, Philip Ricardo Jr. has personally worked to ensure that some of the biggest names in the INBA/PNBA will be competing. Former Mr. America and Natural Olympia champions will be in attendance to make for a superstar weekend (that Generation Iron will cover and provide a full recap later this month).


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But how does one become an INBA/PNBA superstar? Is it possible to make a full time career out of being a pro natural bodybuilder? Philip Ricardo Jr. took some time with us to detail how the INBA/PNBA qualification system works and how the major pro shows handle prize money and promotion.

The INBA/PNBA is not unlike the IFBB/NPC. The INBA league (International Natural Bodybuilding Association) is the amateur division of the league. The PNBA (Professional Natural Bodybuilding Association) is the pro division of the league. Amateurs compete in INBA shows to eventually earn their pro card.

But unlike the IFBB Pro league, once a natural bodybuilder receives a pro card – they can continue to compete in the INBA amateur league as long as they want. This allows for flexibility in the bodybuilder’s career – they can continue to compete until they feel their physique is prepared for the pro level. Yet, while they prepare they can still gain experience (and cash prizes) by competing in the amateur league as they transition into pro.

The Pro/Am Philip Ricardo Legends International is the first pro/am of the season and a perfect showcase for what kind of success a pro natural bodybuilder can really achieve. In addition to this – you can witness the INBA amateur league strive for the next round of pro card qualifications.

Check out Philip Ricardo Jr.’s full tips and info on how to become a successful pro natural bodybuilder by watching our GI Exclusive interview segment above! And for more information on the Pro/Am Philip Ricardo Legends International – visit the official INBA/PNBA website right here.

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