Pitbull Torres discusses the fake weight controversy surrounding Brad Castleberry.

Brad Castleberry is an internet bodybuilding sensation – but part of the reputation behind his viral status comes from accusations that he lifts fake weights. Fake weights are, literally, weights that are lighter than they appear to be. We recently sat down with Castleberry or an interview where he denied the fake weight claims. Now it looks like someone else agrees with him… but there’s a catch. In our latest GI Exclusive interview, Pitbull Torres explains how Brad Castleberry uses 100% real weights but gets some major help from his spotters.

Pitbull Torres is respected in the bodybuilding and strength sports world due to his massive strength. He’s a powerlifter through and through. Being such, the integrity of lifting weight for competition (or bragging rights) is very important. That’s why we wanted to ask him what his thoughts were about people who use fake weights. His mind quickly went to Brad Castleberry. A man notoriously accused of using fake weights in all of his videos.

To start, Pitbull makes it clear in general that he tries not to concern himself with the viral bodybuilders and lifters who use fake weights. As a powerlifter, his biggest competition is with himself. He focuses on being the strongest and best for his own personal goals – and stands by his own integrity when it comes to displaying his feats of strength.

But Pitbull was involved with Strength Cartel, who had not only accused Brad Castleberry of using fake weights but also challenged him to prove his worth. Pitbull was there – but stayed back and didn’t have much interest in those kinds of squabbles. One thing he knows for sure though is that Brad Castleberry does in fact use real weights.

An example of Brad Castleberry’s viral weightlifting videos (above).

The catch of course, is that the massive lifts he performs on camera are still not legitimate. Instead of using fake weight – Pitbull believes that it’s obvious his spotters give him a lot of help.

“Not even fake weight. He doesn’t do fake weight,” Pitbull claims in our GI Exclusive interview. “He just gets spotted you know? I can put six plates on the bar and have someone help me…”

Maybe this is simply a silly distinction – but in a world where there are literal fake weights made to look heavy, Pitbull makes it clear that Brad Castleberry doesn’t indulge in that kind of trickery.

So maybe instead of fake weights it should be called fake lifts for Castleberry. For many, this would still be a disrespectful act. Why perform the massive lifts if you’re not going to do them correct and to your own ability? That’s up for each individual to decide for themselves.

You can check out Pitbull Torres’ full comments in our latest GI Exclusive interview segment above!

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