Plate Twist (Abs) – Exercise Guide

Muscles worked: Abdominal

Equipment needed: Weight Plate


1. Lie down on the floor with your upper body upright and your legs fully extended.

2. Grab a weight plate by its sides with both your hands and extend it forward while maintaining a slight bend in your elbows.

3. Bend your knees slightly and lift your feet 4-5 inches off the floor.

4. Move your upper body back slightly to maintain balance while performing the exercise. This will be your starting position.

5. While breathing out turn to your left side, and touch the plate on the floor. Pause and contract your abs at the extension.

6. Slowly return to the starting position while breathing in and repeat the process on the right side.

7. Alternate the twisting on each side for the recommended reps.

Variations/How To

Add Resistance

You can perform the plate twists on a decline bench to add resistance and make the exercise harder. Performing the exercise with slow and controlled reps will put more focus on your abdominal.

Alternate Exercises for Plate Twist

Air Bike

Advanced Kettlebell Windmill

Oblique Crunch

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