PNBA Phil Thomas Reveals How He Keeps Up With the Young Professional Bodybuilders

PNBA Phil Thomas
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PNBA Phil Thomas reveals how he stays in great shape to keep up with the younger bodybuilders. 

As you age in natural bodybuilding, staying in shape gets more brutal and demanding. Yet, top natural athletes can still be in excellent physical conditioning when they consider an anabolic window. And the elite older professional athletes with stellar physiques can go neck and neck with the younger guys. Generation Iron got some insight from Professional Natural Bodybuilding Association (PNBA) athlete Phil Thomas’ fitness secrets and competition prep. Phil Thomas plans to compete in the PNBA Physique on July 23 in Chicago at the INBA PNBA Pro/Am North American and the 25th anniversary of the Natural Olympia.

We asked him how he stays in such great shape to keep up with the younger professional bodybuilders. Phil Thomas responded:

“I believe there have been 3 key things that have provided me the ability to stay competitive in bodybuilding even at my age (45). 


-having the ability and mindset to repeat successful behaviors over and over again…regardless of if I see the results quickly or if they develop in time.


-we didn’t learn to walk in one day,  or ride a bicycle in an hour…it took time and the drive to pick ourselves up after failure and DO IT AGAIN until we achieved our desired results. 


-I am a pretty self-motivated person but I rarely on rely on motivation alone. I am very committed to the promises I make to myself.  So regardless of the mood, I was in when I said what I wanted to accomplish,  I will not break a commitment I’ve made to myself. When you hold yourself accountable and make that commitment something important

With tangible goals and a process to achieve those goals…then it makes it very easy to eliminate outside factors that would hinder you from becoming successful.”

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How Phil Thomas Is Prepping for Competition 

Generation Iron also received insight on how Phil Thomas is prepping for the upcoming INBA PNBA show on July 23 in Chicago–INBA PNBA Pro/Am North American and Natural Olympia. Thomas stated:

“Overall I look at competing in bodybuilding as an extension of a lifestyle that I already have made the decision to lead. So, the work training, and eating become easier because I’m committed to a healthy lifestyle. My prep for the North American Championships has been filled with obstacles but it has allowed me to get out of my comfort zone…which has allowed me to grow and develop. 

My eyes are always on the big prize though…the Natural Olympia.  Competed last year and finished 7th. Not bad for my 1st year in the PNBA,  but now I have made a commitment to strive to win this year…and you know how I feel about commitment to myself! Would be an honor to win and I’m ready to put in the work. The chase produces the best rewards though…what you develop  inside yourself along the way is the real trophy.”

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